Bringing Your Car Home

The Volvo Home Shipment Program makes bringing a car back from Europe quick and easy. All you have to do is drive your Volvo to any of the 18 official Home Shipment Agents throughout Europe and present us with the Volvo Home Shipment voucher (plus any other required documents). We then ship your Volvo to your U.S. retailer. 

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Free Shipping

The Volvo Home Shipment Program handles most of the charges. In fact, shipping is free of charge as long as it happens within six months of pickup in Europe. You only pay to transport your Volvo from your preferred drop-off point to the loading port. Or you can use the transport services from Gothenburg and pay nothing at all.

Location              Cost (EUR)                  Location   Cost (EUR)      
Brussels € 155 / €185* Munich

€ 221 / 265*

Copenhagen € 345 Sindelfingen

€ 221 / 265*


212 / 232*


€ 200 / 250*


297 / 317*


€ 159


€ 550 / 660*


€ 435 / 500*


€ 275 / 330*


€ 104.50/131*


€ 30




€ 600 / 700*


€ 450*


€ 207 / 243*


 € 412 / 454*


* Charge for Volvo XC90 drop off.

** Home Shipment Agent must be notified 4 days in advance.

*** Cost in GBP not EUR.

Please note, all transactions related to the drop off of your Volvo in Europe will occur in the local currency. Your local Home Shipment Agent is available to answer any questions you may have.

View map of drop-off locations

Stena Line Travel Offer

Start your car journey to Europe in luxury. Park your new Volvo on board a floating hotel as you travel between Gothenburg and Kiel. Relax with great food and drink, enjoy the entertainment, go shopping and find some great bargains. But best of all, sleep easy and wake up fully refreshed to face the autobahn. Europe is just a few hours away. Two sister vessels operate on this route – the Stena Germanica and Stena Scandinavica.

Depart Gothenburg 7:30 p.m., arrive Kiel 9:00 a.m.

Depart Kiel 7:30 p.m., arrive Gothenburg 9:00 a.m.

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